4×5″ reduction back for Chamonix 5×8″ – II

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Published on: 12.12.2008

Part I – first impressions.
Part II – 4×5″ reduction back I, 8month long experience
Part III – 4×5″ reduction back II. (you’re here).
Part IV – 3 years (and several hundred exposures) later.

This is a short update on my completing the Chamonix 5×8″ camera kit.

As was written previously, I have the Chamonix camera in light maple wood, the 4×5″ reduction back was sent to me made from the dark wallnut version. As I quickly found out by mailing Hugo Zhang, there has been a mistake while packing the parcel, and I was sent the wrong back. We agreed, that the factory will send me the correct one. Until it arrives, I’ll use the dark one. When it get’s here, I’ll send the dark one back to China, and deduct the cost of the shipment from the price of the back…

That is a very good service, though… Mistakes happen, and what is important is, how well they can be solved…

On the technical side, the back is same as the dark one, so no change on using it.

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